Benefits Of Tinting

Beauty That Protects

The solar and security films offered by Luminary Tinting offer a wide range of benefits, not the least of which is ot protect your home or office from the excess heat of solar and ultra-violet radiation.

Tinting Benefits Checklist

  • Beautify home or office
  • Enhance privacy
  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Protect from UV rays
  • Added security
  • Control graffiti

The exact benefits you derive will depend upon the type of film you select for your home or office.

Energy Savings Calculator

Use our Energy Savings Calculator from Llumar to determine how much money you can save by adding solar window treatments to your home or office.

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Luminary Tinting film viewers

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residential window treatments

Stay cool in summer, let in light in winter, and be protected year round. Find out how quality home window treatments from Luminary Tinting enhance and protect value!


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commercial window treatments

Enhance the look and appeal of your business with quality commercial window films from Luminary Tinting and Llumar. Plus, lower your energy bills with efficient treatments.


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window treatment benefits

Quality window treatments look great and protect your home or office. But which film should you choose?

Our tint viewers for home and office make your selection easy!


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